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The Benefits & Cost$ of #Accessible #Independence

The benefits & costs of accessible independence can be out of reach for some people.  For me, I’m lucky & thankful that my honey is very handy

and does most of the renovations I need himself.  He’s not only handy, but he is creative/inventive too.  For example, I have a traditional over the bed style table that I use on a daily basis in my living room.  Again, because of my limited reach ability, if I were to wheel up to the table as most, I’m not actually able to reach the table because the wheels of the #wheelchair hit the bar on the bottom.  So, my handy guy added to flip down side pieces that allow my to have the table slide under the chair so I can reach and have extra space with the side pieces! 


Technology can also be a benefit but it can also be a financial hardship/burden for many.  Thank goodness for “#Alexa”! The Amazon Echo is the great voice command tool!  Alexa turns on/off  lights, adds items to my shopping lists, adds items to a reminder list, turns TV channel & more!  I’d be lost without her! I have both the original #Echo and the Echo 2nd Generation.  The 2nd Generation is a little smaller with a GREAT speaker!

The down side is the cost  Not only is the Amazon Echo a little pricey for some, but in order for the device to turn on/off lights, etc you need to also purchase compatible a.k.a. smart light switches and outlets.  We use #WEMO Products.  Each light and plug needs it’s own smart switch and/or plug.

Let’s not forget about opening/closing doors.  Remember, with the Ring Doorbell I can see who is at the door but again, because of my limited reach inability, I am not able to reach far enough in front of me to open the door, until honey installed the
Skylink Otodor Automatic Swing Door Opener Kit DM-50B and Skylink KP-434 Keypad Control.  An added bonus, we will never accidentally lock ourselves out because we have a code to get in!

As always, I wish you days filled with wonder – take a minute to wonder what it is that made you smile today!

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