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Because I Say So….

I guess I could be positive and say, oh they are just trying to help, but I’m tired of people ALWAYS (at least feels like always) contradicting what I say or negatively commenting on something I ask their help with. Why is it okay to make someone feel like no matter what they say or no matter what they ask for is open to contradiction! Continue Reading Here

Earth Day & Going Green, What Does it Mean?


Flowers along a roadside in Maine-2008
Flowers along a roadside in Maine-2008

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22, 2009 – going green is being talked about,  discussed and displayed everywhere.   Even ABC changed their logo on television last night to green – but, my wondering mind asks what does it all mean?  How willing are people to really truly go green?  How many luxuries are people willing to give up to really truly go green?  I’ve asked myself, what is it that I can do different today than yesterday that will help me be more green?  What, maybe change light bulbs – but in order to do that, I would have to purchase new light fixtures for some of my lighting.  So again, how willing are people to go green, to what expense? 

2009 marks the 39th year for Earth Day, which surprised me, I had no idea Earth Day was started in 1970.  For me, I was only 9 in 1970 but for anyone 39 or younger,  going green and recycling is a way of life, they know no different.  

I came across an opportunity to Win $20,000 to Put Your Green Idea Into Action!  SunChips and National Geographic have joined forces to create the Green Effect, an initiative to inspire people to take small steps for big change. 

There are even some fun Earth Day 2009 Crafts, Enviornmental Games and Recycling Activities for the young to enjoy.  These are the types of activites that will instill a lifetime of practicing going green and recycling. 

Going green won’t be something that has to be learned, as it is for anyone (or most) 39 or older, but it is a basic as brusing your teeth. 

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Because it is a good thing to do. . .

The 100K Twitter challenge!

The 100K Twitter challenge!

Hey all you Twitter fans – I’m sure you have seen that Hugh Jackman posted on Twitter that he is going to give $100.k to someone’s charity. Please send a compelling passionate tweet to @realhughjackman and tell him why he should donate to March of Dimes in 140 characters or less. Here are two very compelling tweets and

Thank for helping to save babies and prevent birth defects.

Holiday Weekend. . .

My “wondering” mind is asking, if it is a holiday and weekend why do we rush so much to get this and that done? Why can’t we simply enjoy the holiday, enjoy being with family/friends? They say (who are they anyway) it all turns out great in the end so have patience and when it is over you can look back and enjoy the fun you really did have LOL!

Spring is in the air!

Did you ever wonder what the birds must feel as Spring approaches? Are they as excited as we are? Do they feel like it’s time for a fresh start? Hmmm, these are the things I wonder about, do you?