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Can You See Me Hugging You

Sadly #paralysis takes away the spontaneous touch that says you matter or the unexpected hug that says I’m so glad to see you and worse, the needed caress that says I’m sorry.

How do I show my man that I love him with all my heart (#wamh) when I can no longer greet him at the door after work or roll over at night to put my arms around him. How do I hug my elderly parents to let them know I’m grateful they are my parents when I can no longer reach my parent laying down with oxygen? How do I share a hug of comfort to a friend who just lost a loved one when I can no longer reach them as I’m wheeled past their loved one’s casket? How do I show anyone that matters that they matter when I can’t reach to touch or hug?

I miss not being able to touch when I want, hug when I want, simply to feel.

Can you see me hugging you. . .can you see me loving you????

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