Phyllis Tarlow Fine Art - Hudson From Bear Mt
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The Hudson Valley on Canvas

Hello everyone, I am so excited to launch the new image (Hudson From Bear Mt. by Phyllis Tarlow) on my blog and to introduce you to the wonderful artist whom I am both honored and privileged to have met; Phyllis Tarlow. Even more, I am grateful that Phyllis has graciously permitted me to feature her piece on my website. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Phyllis last year at the Knickerbocker Ice Festival (if you didn’t catch my blog then, you may want to check it out now).  We had an instant connection.  Phyllis’ passion for painting and painting here in the Hudson Valley (which we all know I’m so passionate about!), probably made it inevitable for us to connect.  I am very happy to say that we’ve stayed in touch throughout the year since we met, one year ago this month.  We’ve exchanged holiday cards and learned a little about each other’s lives.   

The more we have gotten to know each, the more we have discovered that we both have visited and/or have a love for particular areas here in the Hudson Valley.  Phyllis has many pieces in her Hudson Valley collection.  Many of the paintings are scenes from the lower Hudson Valley & Hudson Highlands region.  Like me, Phyllis says she finds herself heading West toward the Hudson River (which we all know how very special the river is to me) and up into the very dramatic landscape of the Hudson Highlands. Just as traveling in and around this beautiful Hudson Valley always makes me smile, Phyllis too says capturing the colors and sights of the valley lift her spirits and she finds happiness in being able to share with others through her paintings. 

 Here are a few of my favorites, most of these are basically in my backyard, and areas I’ve visited and played in for many years! 

Cornfield-at-Lawrence-Farm in Newburgh NY



Oh and if you live in or near, or just love Larchmont, NY you may want to check our Phyllis’ collection titled Manor Park.  As Phyllis describes it, “…Manor Park in Larchmont, NY is a charming little park located on the shores of the Long Island Sound. Its distinctive gazebos and wonderful rocky outcroppings have given me pleasure throughout the years since I discovered the park as a young girl. I’ve been painting small watercolors of the various views through the years and have also chosen two of my watercolors to publish as limited edition giclee prints.” 

In addition to prints and originals, Phyllis offers a boxed set of 6 assorted cards of Manor Park scenes. Call 914 428-1224 or email Phyllis to order. 

Phyllis has been working professionally as an artist since the early 80′s, first entering the world of art as a commercial artist and illustrator and gradually turned toward portraiture and fine art.  My honey and I are considering a portrait of us from this past year as we just celebrated 5 years together! 

While commissioned portraits continue to be a part of her work, Phyllis has found oil landscapes have become central to her body of work and have captured her heart & attention! 

Phyllis feels that the variety of locations, atmospheric effects, changing seasons and climate present such endless possibilities that she now understands how her love of the landscape continues to feed her senses while at the same time challenge her abilities as an artist. 

Phyllis paints in oil en plein air (artists lingo meaning “on location”) as well as in her Hartsdale, NY, studio where she will often finish a painting started on location but also paint new subjects using plein air sketches and photos taken with her digital camera as reference. 

If you would like to keep up with the wonderful new pieces Phyllis paints from our great Hudson Valley I encourage you to     Phyllis Tarlow Fine Art on Facebook and/or sign up for her newsletter.  

As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today! 


Learning about the Ice Industry in the Hudson Valley

Growing up with the Lake Meahagh and Hudson River in my backyard, I’ve heard my father tell stories of how this area once served as the Hudson Valley’s major ice industry.  Yesterday we went to the 4th Annual Knickerbocker Ice Festival at Rockland Lake State Park in Rockland County.  

Knickerbocker Ice Festival 2010 @ Rockland Lake

We attended the lecture The Rise & Demise of the Hudson River Ice Industry: Urban Needs & Rural Responses presented by Speaker: Wendy Harris, Principal Archeologist, Craigsmoor Consulting.  There where two points that stood out to me; the very same factors that were responsible for the rise of the ice industry were the very same factors that were responsible for its demise.  Two of these factors were the demand and technical advances.  The demand for ice became more and more important; first enabling the growth of the industry, later, unable to keep up with the advances with electricity (ice boxes, then refrigerators), lead to the demise.  It is also amazing to me that the life cycle of such an important era of time only lasted approximately 30 years from start to finish (approximately 1835- 1865).  Read more about the Story of Knickerbocker Ice Company and Rockland Lake and visit The Friends of Rockland Lake and Hook Mountain, Inc. or one of the many local historical groups.      

 Additional resources:

Palisades Parks Conservancy
Parks and Trails New York
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
New York – New Jersey Trail Conference

Hudson River Valley Greenway
Hudson River Valley Heritage. Type “Rockland Lake” in the search box for great photo archives of Rockland Lake 

 Then it was on to see the ice sculptures.  This year, four competing Ice Sculptors (Dan Bergin, Earl Covington, John Hedbavny, and Rob Patalano) were scheduled to participate.  Unfortunately when we were there only three sculptors were sculpting and we were only able to see two of them.  By the time we walked to the third sculptor, the sun (while making for a nice day) was too warm, making it dangerous for the ice sculptor to work unless wrapped in a covered tented area….darn.  But, we did enjoy seeing two sculptors and their works of ice.

Drawing of Woolly Mammoth Ice Sculpture

Woolly Mammoth In the Making

Woolly Mammoth being attacked by Saber Tooth Tiger in the Making

Woolly Mammoth being Attacked by Saber Tooth Tiger in the Making-

As an added pleasure, we were delighted to see and meet so many local artists as they set up their easels and painted the beautiful landscapes surrounding the lake!  We enjoyed meeting Phyllis Tarlow of Phyllis Tarlow Fine Art / Portraits from Hartsdale.  We watched and listened as Phyllis shared with us her love of painting landscapes and discovering new areas around the Hudson Valley to inspire her next painting!  Thank you Phyllis for sharing your love of the Hudson Valley with so many of us through your paintings!

Phyllis Tarlow at Knickerbocker Ice Festival 2010

We also enjoyed meeting Marylyn Vanderpool local artist from Harriman, NY.  Marylyn’s love of the Hudson Valley, her energetic spirit comes alive through her watercolors as she captures the beauty that surrounds us so eloquently.

Marylyn Vanderpool at Knickerbocker Ice Festival 2010

We briefly stopped to listen to award-winning storyteller Jonathan Kruk  Dressed in costume Jonathan tells colorful tales spun from the lore of historic Hudson Valley! Jonathan’s ability to truly capture his audience is amazing—you get drawn into his story and eagerly await the ending! Together with folk balladeer Rich Bala, they travel around the many villages & communities of the Hudson River and beyond since 1990, performing the region’s tunes, tales, and traditions at schools, museums, libraries, camps and historic sites. Thank you for sharing your storytelling talent with so many of us.  You can also purchase Jonathan’s tales on CD.

Storyteller Jonathan Kruk

Whew, as if the day hadn’t been exciting and different enough, we held true to our love of dining in the Hudson Valley and decided on Henry’s on the Hudson located at 634 Main Street, Peekskill, NY.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner overlooking the Peekskill Bay on the Hudson River all the while listening Mike play his guitar.  Mike’s selection of songs was fabulous!  Mike’s relaxing music combined with the spectacular view made for great evening. 

 I enjoyed shrimp over angel hair pasta and my honey satisfied his taste buds (and stomach LOL) with chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables.  But wait, oh yes, those of you that follow my dinning in the Hudson Valley excursions know that we love dessert!  My honey’s famous line is “there is always room for dessert”!  Tonight being no exception we shared the   Chocolate Explosion which was a dark, dense chocolate decadence in an individual dessert with a rich creamy ganache oozing from the center and served with creamy vanilla ice cream…. oooohhh the most “wonderful” ending to a “wonderful” day!

As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today!