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BOHV 2010 – Best Restaurant in Dutchess County

As you know, my honey and I absolutely love traveling in and around the Hudson Valley, we completely enjoy waterfront dinning and are always on the lookout for new places to enjoy dinner, lunch or just a great cup of coffee and dessert. 

With the winners of the 2010 Best of the Hudson Valley                            recently announced by the Hudson Valley magazine, we decided that we would make a conscious effort to try to visit a few of these places during our travels.

After our “wonderful” day spent at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome this past Saturday we pulled out our magazine to see where we could experience the BOHV while in Rhinebeck (Dutchess County).  The winner was, the Terrapin Restaurant was voted the Best Restaurant in Dutchess County and was located in Rhinebeck!

Terrapin's Restaurant

It was early so we opted to dine outside on the patio to enjoy the somewhat brisk fall temperature while we dined.  It was a typical early Fall evening with a briskness in the air which made us very pleased that Terrapin had these amazing heat lamps strategically placed on the patio.  We were lucky and sat with a lamp on each side of our table keeping us comfortable.  Situated on a fairly busy street in Rhinebeck we enjoyed and were pleased to see so many people mulling about the streets stepping in and out of the various boutiques and shops of Rhinebeck. 

We started off with an absolutely delicious appetizer: macadamia-nut tempura calamari with pineapple dipping sauce that was great!  I wish I knew the recipe for the pineapple sauce as I think it would be perfect on a number of meats and fish dishes! 

Terrapin's appetizer-macadamia-nut tempura calamari with pineapple dipping sauce

The we both settled on “creating our own sandwich” and choose burgers.  I had the veggie burger and my honey (supporting our local farmers) had the Hudson Valley cattle company beef 1/4 pound hamburger.  The experience of “create your own” was different as you first selected the type of sandwich, then selected your bread, then sauce, then cheese, topping or extras.  While both our burgers were very good, we think it was a bit pricy for burgers.  Terrapin has mixed reviews on Zagat 


but overall, if you are in the area you might consider stopping in, after all they were voted the Best Restaurant in Dutchess County!



Because we had purchased fresh baked apple cider donuts from Migliorelli Farm stand down the street with passed on dessert this time (I know, very unusual for us!) The Migliorelli Farm is located in Tivoli NY and operates farm stands in Rhinebeck and Red Hook.  I’ve been purchasing their peaches, apples and other fruits & vegetables all season as they also have a booth at my local Croton-on-Hudson farmer’s market every Wednesday.   

As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today! 


I just learned about this and couldn’t wait to share it with all of you that love the Hudson Valley as I do!  Perhaps you are already aware of Hudson Valley Fresh which is a not-for-profit dairy cooperative dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley and promoting it as one of the premier food regions of the United States.


Michael J. Fox (a resident of the HV also) supports this very important effort.

Currently their main business is producing premium quality dairy products – whole, skim, low-fat and chocolate milk along with half and half, heavy cream, and sour cream.  They believe in supporting sustainable agriculture and are currently preserving 5,000 acres of open land.  Their mission to secure living wages for our farmers and their families.


By ensuring a fair price for their farmers’ goods, HVF is keeping those farmers in business, which means preventing the loss of their land to development. Consider this – in the 1970s, there were 275 dairies in Dutchess County, the highest number of dairy farms in New York State — and now there only 26.   They formed a dairy cooperative in 2004 to provide a sustainable future in agriculture for participating cooperative members by stabilizing market prices.

The HVF milk is sold in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Long Island, and New York City and Connecticut. 


All HVF dairy farmers live within 20 miles of the processing plant at Boice Brothers Dairy in Kingston, N.Y. (conventional milk usually travels hundreds of miles before it reaches the processing plant.)

By keeping farming economically feasible, the farmers in turn spend their income on local goods and services. Studies show that farmers put most of their income back into the local economy, i.e., by buying feed, farm machinery, veterinary services, hiring plumbers, electricians, and using all the services in their community.

The economic multiplier factor ranges from 1 1/2 to 4 times. This means the $32 million estimated farm product sales per year from Dutchess County farms puts any where from $50 to $120 million back into the local economy.

Hudson Valley Fresh Milk Locations


Consider trying the HVF Milk For Yourself at the Following Milk Tastings:

Event Name Date Time Location
Nature’s Pantry 4/24/2010 10-2PM 142 Route 17k Newburgh, NY 12550
Whole Foods 4/24/2010 11-3pm 2101 Northern Boulevard Manhasset, NY 11030-3528
Whole Foods 5/1/2010 11-3pm 270 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10007 USA


For more information about this amazing organization and their efforts please visit the Hudson Valley Fresh website (  


Dutchess County (NY) Fair

dutchess-county-fair-small1 Today we took one of our famous “day-trip” and went to the Dutchess County (NY) Fair in Rhinebeck – the sun was finally shinning and we had an absolutely great day!

We enjoyed an afternoon of fun, sun, shopping (of course), great food and entertainment! Today we watched the Championship Bull Riding event. This action packed show features top riders pitted with top bulls. Bull riding is a popular rodeo sport that involves a rider getting on a large bull and attempting to stay mounted for at least 8 seconds while the animal attempts to buck off the rider. The rider tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope. It is a risky sport and has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. (

I have to tell you of the most wonderful all natural bath and body productsscentastics-soap from Scentastics! I purchase the soap practically every time I see Pam and Ken at one of the Hudson Valley fairs! Today I couldn’t resist the Cool Breeze Shea Butter & Goat’s Milk soap – completely transforms me to a 5 star resort & spa – I would encourage you to give their products a try today!

Now I admit I am not an huge fan of cooking. But even I couldn’t resist the delicious flavored creamed honey from Remsburger Maple Farm and Apiary! I purchased the Blueberry Honey and the Cranberry Honey; heck even I can spread on toast! No, honestly these wonderful honeys can be used as glazes also so believe it or not, I’m planning on use the Blueberry Honey tomorrow night on a pork tenderloin (I’ll let you know the results next blog!).creamed-honey

I am also a huge dog lover I have a Pekingese and while I love her with all my heart, I know she is not as talented as these amazing dogs from Dock Dogs. This is very real sport with competitions and all!

All in all it was a “wonderful” day! typical-county-fair-small

I will leave you with one of the most spectacular sunsets – this is sunset over the majestic Hudson River (that I love so much!) in Hyde Park, NY. As always, I wish you days filled with happiness and “wonder” – take the time to “wonder” what it is that made you smile today:)!

Best of Hudson Valley®

I just learned about the  Best of Hudson Valley® 2009  

photo from

photo from

event scheduled to take place at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel on October 15 at 5:30.  I have not attended this in the past but I am looking forward to attending this year.   Hudson Valley Magazine says this event provides the opportunity to “Sample over 100 of the very BEST – Food from the best restaurants, treatments form the best spas, products from the best stores, and services from the best businesses.”
Here is the video from last year’s event, looks like fun!

From what I could find, it appears 2009 marks the 5th anniversary of this event. Tickets are $40 in advance online and $50 at the door.  This looks like a great event to sample some of the “best” that our beautiful Hudson Valley offers!  I can’t wait!