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Wondering. . .

Okay so for some time now I have been “wondering”what it is that I am supposed to do with my life. I guess you could say I’ve asked myself what it is I want to be when I grow up (now nearly 50 and still searching), what is that “thing” that will both inspire me beyond words and make a difference in either a specific individuals life or in general. I am waiting and looking forward to my aha moment!

Recently I saw the movie Julie & Julia and loved it! At the same time I was somewhat jealous of Julie – she found her calling – she had her aha moment. So why not me? What’s taking so long? What am I missing? Did my aha moment happen somewhere over the last 48 years and perhaps I missed it, maybe I didn’t recognize it?

I too started blogging but obviously it isn’t as successful as Julie’s. Most likely (and understandably) because I don’t have a specific theme/topic. While the primary focus of my blog, to date, has been about various places I have visited in and around the Hudson Valley (which I truly do love this area!), I can understand why I haven’t developed a fan base of readers.

I guess for now all I can do is wait and persevere. Wait for my aha moment and hope it hasn’t already passed me by; persevere that what lies ahead of me is what I should focus on.

To those of you that have read my blogs about our “day trips” in and around the Hudson Valley (and a few beyond), thank you. I don’t think I have said thank you to you before, my apologies. I truly appreciate your comments and hope you get inspired to visit a few of the places I’ve mentioned.

Until next time, laugh, smile and enjoy life!

August in the Hudson Valley

We are nearing the end of July with another rainy/stormy day…in fact, scattered storms for the next 5 days bringing us into August.  So with June being one of the wetest June’s, July being a mixture of rain and actual “summer” I am already starting to look forward to August with hope!

I am hopeful that there will be nice weekends so we can get back to a few of our special “day-trips” (those of you that follow my blog know how much my honey and I love our “day-trips”).

Here are a few things we may consider for our August day-trips:

August 2 is Tomato Day at in Rhinebeck Farmers Market in (of course) Rhinebeck NY – did you know that?  And staying true to my blog title, I am “wondering” what is tomato day? The farmers market in on 59th East Market Street in Rhinebeck and is held every Sunday from May through November 10AM-2PM – local produce, music, meeting new friends – sounds like fun!

(image from Rhinebeck Farmers Market blog).

August 2nd, 9th and 16th we may consider doing Bannerman Island Cruise/Walking Tour provided by Hudson River Adventurers.  Bannerman Island is truly a unique place to visit along the Hudson

(image thanks to Thom Johnson for the still photography)

August 22nd try the Hudson Valley Reggae Fest from 12 noon to 8:00pm at Croton Point Park.  Early bird tickets cost $25 otherwise price will be $40 at the gate.   The event is a day-long family-oriented event featuring well-known local and international Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin and World Music entertainment along with a variety of food, craft vendors and more.

If you are a cyclists then this is for you, August 11-16 the 5th Annual Great Hudson Valley Pedal – enjoy 6 days / 200 miles of cycling through the beautiful Hudson Valley (sorry I personally do not cycle but if I did this sounds like fun!).

August 14, 15 & 16 – Highland Rotary Club 5th Annual Hudson Valley Ribfest at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY.

Delicious rib barbequingphoto from

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Balloons

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning

We took one of our famous “day-trips” and had an amazing afternoon at the 27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning in Readington, NJ.  This year’s festival took place July 24-25-26.

We went on Sunday afternoon thinking we would be safe from storms (according to online weather site).  Then, after driving nearly 2hrs and only about 15 minutes away fromSolberg Airport the skies opened with penny size hail, rain and heavy winds.   Then, thankfully the sun peaked out and we were able to enjoy the balloons!

balloon balloons red-and-orange-balloon

How many times have you been driving down the road and see a balloon fly overhead? Well seeing nearly 30 balloons being inflated and lift into the sky at once is amazing!

balloons-being-inflated1 smiles2 strawberry-balloon1

Then I have to tell you how mesmerised I was with Runakuna – traditional music from Latin America – this man was amazing!  Of course I couldn’t resist purchasing the CD – take a listen I think you will enjoy it too!

River Day 2009

How exciting – Celebrate NY’s 400th – celebrating the great voyage of 400 years ago when Henry Hudson first saw this beautiful valley.  We are also celebrating the river, boats and all of our valley communities with the Great River Day Flotilla.

The flotilla started this morning with the boat and yacht clubs of Manhattan and New York City being the first to send out their memberships around the tip of Manhattan and coming round the statue of liberty led up the river by our New York State heritage flagships tracing Henry Hudson’s path to Albany. 

Along the shores at Verplanck’s Steamboat dock, we sat waiting to see the flagships; the famous Onrust, Clearwater, the Woody Guthrie, the Half Moon and the Mystic Whaler were scheduled to participate in this historic event.

Having grown up in Verplanck, it was a pleasure to see so many friends gathered around the dock on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  As we all sat with out folding chairs, coolers, picnic lunches eagerly awaiting the ships!  The boat traffic was much more than we’ve seen recently.  Today was all about celebrating our great Hudson Valley and Hudson River.   We cheered and waved as these beautiful ships passed by us.  Flags waving, cannons fired and salutes from the Coast Guard–simply wonderful! 

So I “wonder” what did those like Henry Hudson think when they first passed our shores? 

Thanks to great activities such as this (and my age I would suspect LOL) my love for the river and the beautiful Hudson Valley grows deeper each year.

Hopefully you will get to enjoy some of the many exciting activities scheduled throughout the month of June!



Mystic Whaler River Day June 7 2009

Mystic Whaler River Day June 7 2009

Clearwate Sloop River Day June 7 2009

Clearwate Sloop River Day June 7 2009

Halfmoon River Day June 7 2009

Halfmoon River Day June 7 2009

Out-and-About-Another Day-Trip

Today was a dreary daPhoto by KF All American Drive-Iny here in the lower Hudson Valley, so, of course we decided to take another one of our famous “day-trip” adventures!  As you will remember, we already visited Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT (one of America’s best Hamburger places according to the Travel Channel) so next on our list was the All American Drive-In in Massapequa, NY.

 Simple and to the point, the hamburgers here are truly “all American” – do you want fries or onion rings with your burger?  I had the Photo by KF Cheeseburger @ All American Drive-Inbasic cheeseburger (and yes, American cheese is the only option) and fries and loved it!

After our famous hamburger lunch we decided to drive further out on the island.  We headed for Fire Island and to my surprise, cars are not permitted during peak season.  Okay so I’ve lived in Westchester County my entire life, heard a great deal of wonderful things about Fire Island, just not the fact that cars are not allowed.  So with that said, my “wondering” mind wants to know how do you get groceries out to your vacation house on Fire Island-do you bring them on the ferry?

So while we were “out-and-about” in Long Island we also drove through Babylon, Islip, Bayshore and more.  We had a great dinner at Horace & Sylvia’s in Babylon(we unfortunately didn’t get out own picture of this great place).  We would highly recommend this place when passing through Babylon.

That’s was our “day-trip” today – next on our list of famous hamburger places is World’s Famous Ted’s Restaurant in Meridian, CT.

Westchester/Hudson Valley Dining According to Zagat

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Happy May!

Well, looks like a rainy weekend coming up in the Hudson Vally, as such, no special “day-trip” for us planned – darn. So while we can’t take our very special “day-trip” that doesn’t mean we can’t think about it – think about a future trip! 

There are some wonderful events/activities taking place in the Hudson Valley and Catskills in the coming months. Catskill calendar of events is packed with exciting activities. 

Do you enjoy bike riding, consider participating in the Great Hudson Valley Pedal August 11-16, 2009 through the picturesque and historic Hudson Valley.

Are you Irish & love the Catskills as I am and do? then you must plan on visiting East Durham NY during the annual Irish Catkskills Irish Arts Week July 12-18!

Fishing the West Branch Reservoir

Today was an absolutely beautiful summer day in spring! Mid 80′s, sun shinny and yes, another perfect day for one of our famous day-trips in and around NY and it’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

Armed with our NY state fishing licenses,  reservoir access permits, fishing poles and tackle box off we went – Northeast to West Branch Reservoir located in Putnam County, NY.  We didn’t catch anything but a slight sunburn but we had another great day!  While I love our Saturday day-trips I “wonder” what it is about fishing that is so captivgating.  The enjoyment of the  day out, relaxing, unwinding from a busy week and the excitement and thrill when either you get a brief hit or the thrill of the big cathch can not be measured.     

Best Hamburgers in America


I was watching The Travel Channel a few months back and they were featuring the best hamburgers in America. 

You may recall from my previous blog(s) that I love our special “day-trip”!  Back on February 7th, the temperature was warm; it felt like a Spring day, so off we went.  My fiancé and I took a drive to New Haven, CT to the famous Louis’ Lunch.  Located on 261-263 Crown Street, the hamburger was as delicious as they described on television-we were not disappointed.  Next we intend on driving to Massapequa, NY to visit the All American Drive-In!  

Hmmm, if the Travel Channel would only do the best desserts in America we would be set!

Great Day, Out and About. . .

What a great day today out and about with my honey.  Took a ride around Roundout Reservoir in NY.roundout-reservoir-ny  We so enjoy taking our day-trips through the Catskills, along the many reservoirs, lakes and streams in NY.  Stopping along side the water’s edge, fishing, walking along or just sitting and relaxing.  Having lived in NY my entire life (nearly 50 years) I can not imagine living anywhere other than the beautiful Hudson Valley.  I need, yes I said “need,” the change of seasons.  I don’t think I could do palm trees for Christmas and I love the Fall Foliage!  The popular phrase I LUV NY is true for me.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!