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August in the Hudson Valley

We are nearing the end of July with another rainy/stormy day…in fact, scattered storms for the next 5 days bringing us into August.  So with June being one of the wetest June’s, July being a mixture of rain and actual “summer” I am already starting to look forward to August with hope!

I am hopeful that there will be nice weekends so we can get back to a few of our special “day-trips” (those of you that follow my blog know how much my honey and I love our “day-trips”).

Here are a few things we may consider for our August day-trips:

August 2 is Tomato Day at in Rhinebeck Farmers Market in (of course) Rhinebeck NY – did you know that?  And staying true to my blog title, I am “wondering” what is tomato day? The farmers market in on 59th East Market Street in Rhinebeck and is held every Sunday from May through November 10AM-2PM – local produce, music, meeting new friends – sounds like fun!

(image from Rhinebeck Farmers Market blog).

August 2nd, 9th and 16th we may consider doing Bannerman Island Cruise/Walking Tour provided by Hudson River Adventurers.  Bannerman Island is truly a unique place to visit along the Hudson

(image thanks to Thom Johnson for the still photography)

August 22nd try the Hudson Valley Reggae Fest from 12 noon to 8:00pm at Croton Point Park.  Early bird tickets cost $25 otherwise price will be $40 at the gate.   The event is a day-long family-oriented event featuring well-known local and international Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin and World Music entertainment along with a variety of food, craft vendors and more.

If you are a cyclists then this is for you, August 11-16 the 5th Annual Great Hudson Valley Pedal – enjoy 6 days / 200 miles of cycling through the beautiful Hudson Valley (sorry I personally do not cycle but if I did this sounds like fun!).

August 14, 15 & 16 – Highland Rotary Club 5th Annual Hudson Valley Ribfest at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, NY.

Delicious rib barbequingphoto from

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Balloons

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning

27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning

We took one of our famous “day-trips” and had an amazing afternoon at the 27th Annual Quick Check Festival of Ballooning in Readington, NJ.  This year’s festival took place July 24-25-26.

We went on Sunday afternoon thinking we would be safe from storms (according to online weather site).  Then, after driving nearly 2hrs and only about 15 minutes away fromSolberg Airport the skies opened with penny size hail, rain and heavy winds.   Then, thankfully the sun peaked out and we were able to enjoy the balloons!

balloon balloons red-and-orange-balloon

How many times have you been driving down the road and see a balloon fly overhead? Well seeing nearly 30 balloons being inflated and lift into the sky at once is amazing!

balloons-being-inflated1 smiles2 strawberry-balloon1

Then I have to tell you how mesmerised I was with Runakuna – traditional music from Latin America – this man was amazing!  Of course I couldn’t resist purchasing the CD – take a listen I think you will enjoy it too!

Dinner on the Hudson @ the Hudson House

Cold Spring-Garrison NY-street pole flaf

Cold Spring-Garrison NY-street pole flaf

The Hudson House River Inn located at 2 Main Street on the serene waterfront approximately 100 feet from the beautiful Hudson River in the quaint village of Cold Spring, NY in Putnam County.  Cold Spring is well know for being a quaint antique shopping village.

Hudson House River Inn

Hudson House River Inn

Entrance to Hudson House River Inn Restaurant

Entrance to Hudson House River Inn Restaurant

gazebo-at-ribers-edge-in-coild-spring dscn0023 hudson-river-at-cold-spring Dinner was  absolutely amazing and delicious.  I enjoyed fillet of sole stuffed with crab-meat and summer vegitables!  Of course we started with a spectacular appetizer for two which included homemade Maryland crabcakes, shrimp cocktail, fresh mozzarella and beefsteak tomato w/basil, baby arugula drizzeled w/extra virgin olive oil – what can I say but Oh My Gosh! Between the garlic bread and brushuta, then the appetizeer I was already impressed!

Filet of sole with crabmeat stuffing and seasonal veggies!

Filet of sole with crabmeat stuffing and seasonal veggies!

Then off to a unique concert in Mesier Park in Wappingers Falls, NY featuring the Riverbank Banjo Band.  Totally an unexpected pleasure to learn from our new friend “Mary” down in Cold Spring-thanks Mary for letting us know about this concert and it was great sitting next to you and enjoy the sounds of this very unique band.

Mesier Park-Wappingers Falls NY

Mesier Park-Wappingers Falls NY

Here is a tiny sampling of this amazing band – I would encourage eveyone to check out the Riverbank Banjo Band’s calendar of events.

I’m looking forward to exploring more summer concert series in the Hudson Valley this summer – what about you?  Share with us the events you’ve attend or those that may be upcoming!  Until next time, happy concerting!

Flowers, planting and love….

Welcome to my gardenMy welcome stepping stone and imagine rock are nestled in my garden as you approach my front door.  I live in a condominium so gardening space is limited so I love tucking stepping stones and/or ornamental objects where ever possible. 

cimg2219 Purple Daylillies in full bloom One lonely yellow daylillie

For me I find peace in my garden.  While I am certainly not an expert gardener I so love the beauty.  Whether it’s my container garden on my deck cimg22021or the beauty of my perennials I love “play’in in the dirt.”  I’m certain that if I had a house with property we wouldn’t need to worry about cutting the grass as there would be a variety of flower gardens in each section of the yard!  

Staycationing and lovin it!

I am blessed to live in a beautiful area, the Hudson Valley.  My deck overlooks a beautiful man made lake (Lake Meahagh) which flows into the Hudson River.

I love sitting on my deck listening to the many sounds of nature on a beautiful summer evening or enjoying my first cup of coffee early in the morning.  The sounds of the winds blowing the trees, the many birds (nuthatches, gold finches, woodpeckers, cardinals and more) singing and the geese, swans ands ducks swimming happily in the lake–who could ask for more!

Lake Meahagh through the trees Flowers, flowers, flowers, who would not enjoy a beautiful summer evening sitting on a deck overlooking a lake enjoying the sounds and beauty of flowers blooming/shinning in the evening sunset.  For the first time ever I mixed lobelia and impatients in strawberry pots and the results–well spectacular to me! 

 lobelia and impatientscimg2201

We should take the time to enjoy our surrounds–not worry about if we can or should go away on vacation.  Times are difficult and we need to learn to appreciate what it most likely right in front of our eyes — so to all of you I wish you a happy summer filled with breath taking views, enjoyable sounds and most importantly laughter and love from those closest and dearest to you everyday!


Andrea Bocelli Concert

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Andrea Bocelli perform at Madison Square in NYC this past week! 

We started the evening with dinner at Hill Country BBQ at 30 West 26th Street.  Best BBQ in NY – NY Magazine’s 2008 Best of NY.

Hill Country BBQ

Inside @ Hill CountryInside of Hill Country

For some reason my inside pictures didn’t really turn out too well but hopefully you can see what a different, unique and amazing place!

After a delious BBQ dinner it was off to Madison Square Garden to see Andrea Bocelli.   

Here is just a tiny sampling of how wonderful the evening was. 

Andrea Bocelli concert @ Madison Square Garden

If you ever get the chance to see Andrea Bocelli I would highly suggest it–he is an amazing performer!

Is Your Blog Ready To Be Printed!

How exciting is this new tool for turning your blog into a book!  Blog2Print does just that!  My blog is too new and certainly not worthy of going to print just yet but I couldn’t resist sharing this with those of you that are much more expierenced and blogging longer than I.  

I would love to know if anyone actually prints their blog and how it worked for you! 

Happy blogging and printing!

River Day 2009

How exciting – Celebrate NY’s 400th — celebrating the great voyage of 400 years ago when Henry Hudson first saw this beautiful valley.  We are also celebrating the river, boats and all of our valley communities with the Great River Day Flotilla.

The flotilla started this morning with the boat and yacht clubs of Manhattan and New York City being the first to send out their memberships around the tip of Manhattan and coming round the statue of liberty led up the river by our New York State heritage flagships tracing Henry Hudson’s path to Albany. 

Along the shores at Verplanck’s Steamboat dock, we sat waiting to see the flagships; the famous Onrust, Clearwater, the Woody Guthrie, the Half Moon and the Mystic Whaler were scheduled to participate in this historic event.

Having grown up in Verplanck, it was a pleasure to see so many friends gathered around the dock on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  As we all sat with out folding chairs, coolers, picnic lunches eagerly awaiting the ships!  The boat traffic was much more than we’ve seen recently.  Today was all about celebrating our great Hudson Valley and Hudson River.   We cheered and waved as these beautiful ships passed by us.  Flags waving, cannons fired and salutes from the Coast Guard–simply wonderful! 

So I “wonder” what did those like Henry Hudson think when they first passed our shores? 

Thanks to great activities such as this (and my age I would suspect LOL) my love for the river and the beautiful Hudson Valley grows deeper each year.

Hopefully you will get to enjoy some of the many exciting activities scheduled throughout the month of June!



Mystic Whaler River Day June 7 2009

Mystic Whaler River Day June 7 2009

Clearwate Sloop River Day June 7 2009

Clearwate Sloop River Day June 7 2009

Halfmoon River Day June 7 2009

Halfmoon River Day June 7 2009

Best of Hudson Valley®

I just learned about the  Best of Hudson Valley® 2009  

photo from

photo from

event scheduled to take place at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel on October 15 at 5:30.  I have not attended this in the past but I am looking forward to attending this year.   Hudson Valley Magazine says this event provides the opportunity to “Sample over 100 of the very BEST – Food from the best restaurants, treatments form the best spas, products from the best stores, and services from the best businesses.”
Here is the video from last year’s event, looks like fun!

From what I could find, it appears 2009 marks the 5th anniversary of this event. Tickets are $40 in advance online and $50 at the door.  This looks like a great event to sample some of the “best” that our beautiful Hudson Valley offers!  I can’t wait!

Mountain Jam V-May 29-31 in Hunter Mountain

Mountain Jam V poster

Mountain Jam V poster

Darn, my honey and I were just in Hunter Mountain last weekend.  Sounds like this year’s Mountain Jam V is going to be a great event!  While we could consider drive up on Saturday but we would have to drive back as my honey has to work bright & early on Sunday morning.  For those of you lucky enough to attend–enjoy!